Video Marketing Strategy

Looking to engage your customers? Have a desire to brand your business? With Fortune 500 companies using video marketing strategies to grow their customer base, video marketing in a must-have in your digital marketing plan.  Get on board with an online video marketing strategy for your business.  Local video marketing with virtual tours and corporate videos have proven very successful! With more than 1 billion monthly users visiting YouTube and the hours of video being uploaded every minute equaling 300, your business is missing out on a great opportunity and many customers if you do not have a YouTube channel. Facebook has 1.75 Billion active monthly users and, in the United States, Facebook video posts have increased by 94% annually!  Facebook video has increased 360% across everyone’s news feed.

The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website that includes a video. Mist Media 2015

59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page.  Forbes Insight 2015

We’re particularly pleased with our progress in video as we move towards a world where video is at the heart of all of our services.  Mark Zuckerberg

Need to look up a property? Check out YouTube and Facebook video. Want to find out about a specific property floor plan? Check out YouTube and Facebook video. Need to know about a business?  Check out YouTube and Facebook.  Need to learn how to perform maintenance on an appliance?  Check out YouTube.  Want to see which friends are interested in the same businesses or places you are?  Check out Facebook.  That’s right!  YouTube is currently the second largest search engine after Google.  With Google owning YouTube, your website is 50 times more likely to be viewed on the first page of a search engine if it includes a video. With Facebook video growing at a staggering amount, your business needs to be on Facebook. With the average adult viewing 1 hour and 16 minutes each day of video on a digital device and this statistic on the rise, can you afford to miss this audience?

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. MarketingProfs 2015

Using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.Unbounce

100 Million hours of Facebook video are watched every day.Recode

Need more convincing?

  • 80% of your online visitors will watch a video while only 20% of your visitors will read content to its entirety.
  • 75% of the video users visit the Marketer’s website after viewing their video.
  • 80% of internet users remember the video ads they watch online.
  • 90% of users say that seeing a video of a product is helpful in their decision process.
  • 65% of executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching a video.
  • Only 24% of brands are using online video to market to consumers.
  • “1.8 Million words is the value of one minute of video.”

Having a video marketing strategy is an inexpensive one-time cost with everlasting results.  Visit the Corporate Video and Virtual Video pages for more information.

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**Facts via QuickSprout, InSivia, Forbes, Kantar Media,, AdAge, Recode, and Dr. James McQuivey – Forrester

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