Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos – working for you 24/7, 365 days a year!  Brand your business with a corporate video.

You have a great business and you want everyone to know about it.  You have terrific customers willing to tell others about the exceptional service they receive.  Fantastic!!!  But, don’t stop there! Everyone wants to increase their business portfolio and grow their business.  With corporate video, you can share your great company with your audience and let them know what makes your business stand out among your competition.  Make your customers part of the virtual video by sharing their testimonials with your audience.  Tell your audience who you are, what your company does and why they should visit you and make themselves your customer.  BRAND yourself!

The fabulous benefits of Corporate Videos:

  • Provides a professional marketing strategy to reach your audience 24/7 while your office may be closed
  • Brand recognition
  • Allows your audience to view you as trustworthy
  • Provides an opportunity to make your business visible to the community and region
  • Allows your audience to get to know who is behind the business
  • Provides a view into the business to see what is “behind closed doors”
  • Allows another source of communication between you and your audience
  • Your viewer can share your virtual video with friends, co-workers and family to refer them to you
  • Increases your search engine rankings by having both a corporate video and a website
  • Increases search engine and website activity by having your video embedded into your website
  • Increases your website viewer’s length of visit by 3x with an embedded video

These are just a few of the many benefits to having a corporate video!  Corporate videos should be included in every professional marketing strategy!  If you would like more statistics regarding video marketing, please visit the Video Marketing Strategy page.  If you are searching for property video marketing, visit the Virtual Tours page.

Don’t hesitate to contact Alternative Marketing Concepts, LLC to see how we can get your corporate video created today!