Virtual Tours

SELL!  SELL! SELL!   Sell with virtual tours in your video marketing strategy!

Are you using virtual tours as a video marketing strategy for apartments or homes?  If not, you are missing out on a multitude of benefits and customer conversions that lead to sales!  Virtual tours should absolutely be included in your professional marketing strategy for every property management business.  Real Estate virtual tours are also a popular marketing strategy used in the sale of residential homes.  It’s all about branding!

Property marketing videos present your property like no other method can.  Your virtual tour allows the audience to place themselves behind the video camera and into your apartment or home.  Walk them through the front door, around the living area, into the kitchen and down the hallway into the bedroom and bathroom.  Let them see what it would be like to be in the living room area and spin around to see the entire room.

Virtual tours provide the following benefits:

  • Accurate display of features in your apartment or home
  • An excellent portrayal of your entire property
  • Opportunity for audience to view prior to visit
  • Viewer can share video with family and friends
  • Opportunity to include property and company details within the virtual video tour
  • Virtual video tour is available to your audience 24/7 while office hours are limited
  • Audience has a better understanding about your property prior to contacting you
  • Your potential resident becomes a more qualified lead at point of contact
  • Brand recognition
  • Assists in improved search engine rankings with having a virtual video and a website
  • Allows for increased search engine optimization when virtual video is installed into your website
  • Having a virtual video on your website increases the average time your viewer spends on your site by 3x
  • Stand out among your competition by having your properties advertised through virtual video

There are many more benefits to having a virtual video included in your marketing strategy. To read more statistics on virtual videos, visit the Video Marketing Strategy page.  If you are interested in a corporate video to represent your company, visit the Corporate Video page.

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